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In the Eyes of Our Children


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“Towers of glass and steel, mirroring the sky. A Zen garden. The world’s largest rodeo. The rocket that took men from the earth to the moon. One man’s monument to the power of the orange. Ball games played in colossal stadiums. A refuge for butterflies. All this and much more, the essence of a great American city.”

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In the Eyes of Our Children: Houston, An American City

296 pages / 329 color photographs and monoprints

by Houston schoolchildren

Preface by Mayor Sylvester Turner/ Afterword by Stephen Klineberg

Published by the Pozos Art Project

In the Eyes of Our Children: Houston, An American City, is a unique visual record of the fourth largest and most ethnically diverse city in the United States. Houston is seen through the eyes of 132 elementary and middle school children, who worked for six years to create a lasting visual record of their home and place in the world. This book will be treasured in future years as a rare and beautiful document of the city at this moment in its history. Fewer than 100 copies (from the original 3,500) of this remarkable book remain for sale at the original retail price of $45. 

“A quiet, deliberate view of this book can bring us all to a state of wonder and appreciation over the innate eye and creative process of youth, wherever they live, whatever their circumstances.” review

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