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Rice University: A 75th Anniversary Portrait

for Rice University (1987)

In 1985, as the school approached its 75th anniversary, Rice University commissioned Winningham to make a year-long photographic study of the university.  Given the freedom to photograph all aspects of academic, social and athletic life at the university, Winningham produced a remarkable volume of photographs that rises far above the conventional, institutional “view book.”   Campus life is seen from the insider’s point of view, including intimate photographs of scholars, scientists, and artists at work and at play, zany and imaginative student parties, interscholastic sports, and landscapes of the lush Rice campus.  The book, Rice University:  A 75th Anniversary Portrait, was manufactured by Dai Nippon, the highly esteemed Japanese printer, in an edition of 5,000 copies.  The book sold out in a matter of weeks.  Used copies can still be found through out-of-print book dealers.  Original, signed individual prints are available.

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